Ayurvedic Spa & Wellness Unit Adara Ayurveda from Kerala

Ayurvedic Spa & Wellness Unit Adara Ayurveda from Kerala

There are two kinds of Ayurveda : North Indian & South Indian

* The North Indian Ayurveda is purely based on medicines - there are no massage based treatments also known as Panchakarma

* The medicines used in the North Indian Ayurvedic treatments, even though being natural, have traces of minerals due to the topography. Some minerals have side effects.

* The South Indian Ayurveda medicines are mainly made from natural herbal products grown in South . These medicines do not contain minerals that cause side effects.

* The medicines and oils used in the Ayurvedic treatments and panchakarma from Adara Ayurveda, are manufactured in our own factories based in Kerala using the various herbs and medicinal plants grown in South India. Hence these medicines do not have traces of any harmful minerals.

* We have three factories in South India where everything that is needed in Ayurveda is made in-house. Hence we have 100% control on the quality of our medicines & products.

* We manufacture more than 500 ayurvedic medicines and export to over 20 countries.

* Adara Ayurveda is the oldest Ayurvedic company, caring since 1884.

The Ayurvedic Spa / Wellness unit at Kastura is run by the 137 years old company Adara Ayurveda from Vasudeva Vilasam, Kerala. Adara Ayurveda still maintains core philosophies of traditional Ayurveda practices, in-house products and services, Doctor consultation- driven approach, 100 percent herbal products and affordable pricing for all.

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On Raipur Road Off Dhanaulti - Kanatal road Near Surkandha Devi Temple Kaddukhal ,

Telephone: 8171462282

Web : http://www.kasturaatkanatal.com

Email: askkasturanow@outlook.com

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